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May 2019 Fly-By Status Report – Same Old, Same Old

Well, it’s blog o’clock again! I feel like I have so much going on right now that I don’t want to stop and analyze what has and hasn’t gotten done! But I’ll do my best, in the name of tracking progress!

THE picture in the blog post. 😛

I honestly felt like I’ve been floundering; since I returned from a trip and got sick, I haven’t been doing great with my SMART goals. I always seem to have something big that makes me lose momentum, and it takes me forever to get back into the swing of things. ?

MomoCon is fast approaching, and for once this year it isn’t stressing me out because I’m not the director! Yay! All my jobs are going well, and I’ve taken on more temporary things with the extra MomoCon time, and Wervyn and I are looking towards the future with optimistic eyes for all our projects, even if Life always continues its stressful up and down.

Okay, so here’s what I said my goals were last post:

  • Hold off on editing/updating Book 1, and start writing the first draft of other novels in my Signs series, and give them more of a folktale vibe! By the end of 2019, my goal is at least 100,000 words – LOL NOPE
  • Keep losing weight and exercising – Ehhhhh, it goes slowly
  • Keep learning piano & practicing ukulele, Duolingo language practice, organize that craft room into submission, do more oil pastel and try new art styles, keep on cross stitching, crocheting, and knitting (and listen to a lot of audio books while I do it) – new skills continue to evolve slowly
  • If I can manage a Twitch stream or a Free Art Friday, or posting new things for sale at my stores, that’s gravy. – yeah, didn’t happen

I think I’m going to start something on here that I heard about via the ladies on the podcast My Favorite Murder (which has a lot of mental health advocacy in it; one of my favorite things about it), which is making a Ta-Da list. Basically, instead of getting bogged down in what you didn’t do, write down all the stuff you did do! So I’ll be adding one of those to my site, so it’s more visible to me, so I won’t be so down on myself. Oh! And I updated my Artwork portfolio on here, so check it out!

My only plans for this chunk of the year is to organize and sort all the messy rooms in my house so I spend less time worrying about THAT and can hopefully focus on creative projects. I will keep learning to tap dance, practice various instruments when I feel inspired, and forever fight back against malaise to continue my fight against weight gain and physical health. I also have plans for getting Book 1 out to a group of special readers, ideally by the Fall. We’ll see when that comes together.

But I think that’s all for now! If anything changes or particularly interesting happens, I’ll keep you posted! See you in the Fall, if not sooner! ?

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