Doll Stories

These are quick visual stories told in photos with pithy text that I post on Instagram, featuring my dolls and my miniature collections. Come follow the updates at @myminlandia!

(If you’d like to buy miniatures I make, check out my shop MyMinlandiaMinis on Etsy where I sometimes post things for sale.)

My Minlandia

Listed from most to least recent

Posted on my main Insta before I started the MyMinlandia account

Here are the primary subjects that I post about in these stories, or just feature on the MyMinlandia account.

The Rabbitsons & Friends (1:12 scale)

They’re a Calico Critter family that lives in an old Lundby house. They have various Calico Critter friends and family members, and I hope to show off their houses/displays in the future. (bought through yard sales, Amazon and Ebay, primarily)

Tamsin & Midori (1:8 scale)

The twins are Hujoo Nano Freya ball-jointed dolls (BJDs); Tamsin has purple eyes, and Midori has green. They live in an apartment with their parents, Freya and Freyr, but like to spend a lot of time out in nature. (bought from The Junky Spot)

Freya and Freyr (1:6 scale)

Both Hujoo ball-jointed dolls (BJDs), parents to Tamsin and Midori, who live in a two-room apartment, and who I keep meaning to make clothes for… (bought on Ebay)

Resin Soul Yu BJD (1:8 scale)

She’s a sweet little fairy BJD who I like making clothes for and photographing out in nature. She’s friends with the twins and Tiny Bunny. (bought from Resin Soul)

Tiny Bunny (1:12 scale)

I’m not sure of her maker, but she’s a limited-movement BJD and is often seen running around with the Hujoo twins. (bought on Ebay)

Mini Christina Barbie and Friends (1:6 scale)

She’s an Olympics skateboarder Barbie head on a curvy made-to-move body, with an added tattoo sticker and wedding ring. She is married to a Jack the Lamplighter Ken doll with a ponytail hairpiece, to look more like my husband. (bought on Amazon)

The Spooky Girls (1:6 scale)

They’re 1st generation Monster High dolls, and with their skeleton boyfriends, they’ve been known to appear around Halloween. (bought from Ebay)

Zelphine L’Flouffe Dupapillon

Zelphine is my handmade Long Furby, made in 2021.

The Wandering Pusheen

She’s a clip-on Pusheen plush keychain who I like to take with me on travels and photograph in interesting places. See where she’s been using the Instagram hashtag #TheWanderingPusheen. (bought at MomoCon in 2017)

Finny the Puppet

Full Name: Fionnuala (Irish – fin-NOO-lah).

Likes: Batman, D&D, costumes & meeting other puppets at conventions.

Dislikes: being left in storage, grabby hands.

I found Finny at a Puppet Farm booth at an arts festival in Franklin, TN. They’re a super cute little business that’s been traveling around for years, making puppets on their own dime and making people happy.

Finny used to update a tumblr site, which still exists but isn’t being updated: