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May 2023 Fly-By Status Report – The Search for More Money 2: The Searchening

My continuing quest for gainful employment is not new. But I refresh this quest, this time with a new perspective on my career and my mental health journey. Maybe I’ll go into that later, but mostly I just want to write this out for the record. It’s not an easy or fun decision, and digging into it makes me a little morose, and I’m trying to be positive and focus on the fact that money is important and a good thing.

As the job market happens to be abysmal right now, to help make myself more marketable, I’ve been taking a Coursera Google course on UX/UI, and I’m planning to start also learning some basics in Javascript. I’m actually pretty excited about beefing up my skills, though the school discipline part is really bumming out my ADHD.

As well as the traditional job hunt, I’ve started putting myself out there on as a tutor, so hopefully, I can help some students with my design and computer expertise!

Sadly this means putting a pause on my editing, writing, and making new stuff for my shop. But I’m still crafting, never fear, including debuting a couple new little creations at MomoCon, and I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram!

I really wish I could make money being creative and doing what I love right now, but as that hasn’t really panned out the way I hoped, I need to try something else. I’m grateful that I’m not dropping any of my big projects or dreams, just setting them on a shelf to hopefully take down again soon.

Wish me luck! ✍️

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