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January 2022 Fly-By Status Report – So we’re still in a pandemic, okay…I kinda wish it would snow…I need a cup of tea before I can start editing…

Well hi! Smiley day to ya! Why yes, I have been watching a lot of Critical Role lately, and no, I’m not procrastinating, why? Why would you even say that? I’m hurt.

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  • My new writing deadline to submit to an editor is April, which evens out to editing roughly a chapter a day if I play my cards right. But as I get closer to the end and I’m staring at a bunch of loose threads, I don’t think I’m gonna always be able to measure by chapter, there will be lots of jumping around and organizing data to make sure I finish everything up as neatly as possible. Which is really freaking hard. Hence, procrastinating.
  • Made five Christmas sales with the Etsy shop and a small local event, which is the most I’ve ever made at a time not at Dragon Con, which is very exciting! By the way, most of those were customizeable fairy door necklaces, which you can check out here!
  • Studio progress is basically done! It’s all cosmetic now, basically, which is a fantastic place to be! I dunno when that progress vlog is gonna come out, but stay tuned! Maybe after my writing deadline I’ll have brain space for it. Besides that I’m trying to organize and clean through stuff from the main house this year, which will eventually spill over into more organizing for the studio, I’m sure…eventually.
  • Didn’t take as many mini photos as I wanted this winter, but I did finally put together Wervyn’s doll doppelganger! Hopefully better pics to come, I really haven’t had the extra brain cells. Don’t have enough energy to do as many doll photoshoots as I’d like, so can’t really dedicate time to promoting the Instagram. Oh well, one thing at at time.

What else happened? Oh, I made a chatelaine to keep more tiny tools at my fingertips!

Other than that, I think that’s it! I better get back to work! ✍️

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