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YAY, we’ve officially landed at our new hosting location! Unfortunately, it’s taking a lot longer to get things set up than expected. I’d like to take a moment to thank Wervyn and his friends for letting me join their hosting server, and for tirelessly helping to get things running on the back end: I couldn’t have gotten this far without them! But even after we got most things figured out, I still effectively lost the original theme and images in the import, and we still don’t really know what happened there. LAME.

Naturally, these setbacks really sapped all my energy to work on the site, as it seemed like when I made one step forward, I’d take two steps back. But as I’ve worked on it little by little, on top of everything else I’ve been doing, thankfully, I found a new theme I actually like, and it inspired me to publish the site in full! I’m still slowly getting things back in order, and there will always be more things to tweak, like the URLs and the CSS and other back-end stuff, but I just want it to be up and running, and if it’s live, hopefully, that will inspire me to move faster on it. So if things move around and change when you come to look at it again, you’ll know that I’m still working. Also, I’ve had this blog for a VERY long time, since 2009, so I think it’s time I cleaned up the blog posts too, to keep things relevant and interesting…

Thanks again for your patience, and I hope to get everything purely cosmetic fixed by the end of the year! Let’s see how far I get…✍️

Also, here’s the original announcement blog post that somehow didn’t get imported from the old version of the site, for posterity:

I should have said that the domain names aren’t changing, but a lot of the URLs are till we get that fixed, oops.

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