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Friends in the Write Places *corny horn*

I’m preparing my beloved first draft to send to a few editor friends to read over. I just need it out of my lap for right now so my brain can recover from all that intensive writing and thinking and stewing that was going on for months and months on end. YEARS, even! (Oy!) I’ve been preparing the story’s world for most of my young life, and it took me just over a year to finish this draft. The fact that it’s finally written down a way I really, truly like, that is half the battle, and my brain is crying “uncle.”

But I’m definitely at peace with the fact that it’s not 100% done. I know I will have a lot of editing to do, but with a few weeks of recovery I’ll be mentally able to handle it. Amusingly, I never thought I would ever be tired of writing, even temporarily!

That being said, I am so excited about NaNoWriMo. I keep thinking about the different things I plan to write for the story’s continuation, and whenever I do I get a thrill of anticipation! It’s like being stuffed to the gills, but still having room for dessert. Besides, it’s easier to start something new than to finish something you’ve rehashed a million times.

I’m not intending to win NaNo this year (you try writing 50,000 words while spending time with relatives during the holidays) but I intend to give myself a head start creating the shape of Book 2. But of course this won’t be starting til Nov. 1, so I have a few weeks to not think about writing.

It’s a bit of a lull, but lulls are good, especially when the rest of life is quite busy. Which, per usual, it is. Til next time, friends.