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December 2023 Fly-By Status Report – I got probably my coolest job to date

You know how I lamented in my last blog post that I couldn’t make money being creative and doing what I loved? Well, THANK YOU, JESUS, I have a job again! But hang on, I need to give some back story. (If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll already know the scoop, but some of this stuff I haven’t mentioned there.)

I met a new artist friend earlier this year at church, who took me under her wing, and encouraged me to apply for a spot at a local artist/antique/gift market shop I’d had my eye on, but never dared to pursue. She had a spot there already, and put in a good word for me with the manager there.

Well, in August I got an endcap! I’m selling my wares at Westside Market Toco Hills, one of multiple locations. After a month or so there, getting to know the manager, I applied and was offered a job there helping behind the counter AND doing their social media!

It’s such a relief and a joy to be doing what I love (art) and to support myself and our family at the same time! It dovetails so perfectly, and I’m so grateful to God for all the groundwork behind the scenes to make the hiring process go so smoothly! I really like working there so far, only been a couple of months, but I’m hoping things won’t shake up too much as time passes, it’s been overwhelmingly positive!

I’m still going to have to finish my UX/UI certification, and I am excited to work on my books again (already making plans for Book 2 and some novellas), but first, let’s get Christmas under my belt and see what happens next.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas (or holiday that you celebrate) and a Happy New Year! ✍️

PS: Oh yeah, and we took a trip to Japan this fall, FINALLY! I still haven’t gone through all our photos yet, but hopefully that will happen next time too, and maybe I’ll post a travelogue or vlog or something.

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