Links for Authors

I’m always adding more, so keep checking back!

I don’t post unsolicited links, period. This is my list of things that have been personally useful, and spots on this page are not for sale. If you cold-email me or message me with a request, you’ll be deleted and blocked.

Get to Work!

Favorite programs and sites that help me write! (Other than a text editor, or a notebook and pen!)

  • Scrivener – awesome word processing software, amazing for collecting and organizing your notes
  • Word Counter – a free, straightforward site that helps track your word count and other useful things
  • yWriter – free word processing software that helps you track chapters, scenes, characters, locations and items throughout your book
  • OmmWriter – word processing program that creates a bubble of focus and calm for you to write in
  • Celtx – free script writing software
  • Mindmup – free online idea mapping software that can save your maps to Google Drive
  • Aeon Timeline – software for mapping out timelines in your story
  • Inkarnate – useful free map drawing website, for D&D campaigns or novels
  • Evernote & Skitch – free note taking software, spanning multiple platforms for ultimate convenience
  • Noisli – free online focusing and relaxing helper
  • Trello & Notion – I use (or have used) these to manage my tasks, and they’re just so dang helpful

Polish & Learn

Here are some sites or articles with resources I found really helpful, or wanted to remember! I’m leaving them here they’re here as constant self-reminders. So, get editing, and learning!


Ways to challenge your bad writing self!

Character & World Building

Create your own well-rounded characters and a world for them to live in!


These sites tell you who to stay away from in this big writing world.


Get your name out there! I know it’s not easy, but I hope these will encourage you, like they did for me.

Submission Time

Connect your work with the right people!

  • Coming soon!

Lend a Hand

Writing nonprofits!