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As a wise man once said, “December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter and The Fourth of July, but now it’s Thanksgiving.” (If you’re confused, go here. Don’t hate me too hard.)

But seriously, Thanksgiving deserves mad respect. It’s smushed between Halloween and Christmas and gets almost none of the air time…except for turkey sales, Thanksgiving Day sales, Black Friday (ugh) and The Macy’s Parade (which is awesome ^_^).  And why are there almost no decent Thanksgiving songs?! (See above paragraph for example.)

In a world where I have to literally turn off all distractions (and there are always tons) just to think straight and reorganize my priorities, I, dare I say, we need a day like Thanksgiving.

This is my favorite time of year, September-December. There are so many wonderful holidays that bring us close to family and give us so much to look forward to after a long, busy year! It makes me feel all cozy inside!

So, taking my own advice, I will stop being whiny about the little things and think about what I’m thankful for. Here are the Top 6 I am feeling the most right now.

1. I have a cat.

Maybe I didn’t emphasize that enough. I HAVE A CAT! She knocks stuff over, puts holes in shower curtains, drinks out of my water glasses, but I HAVE A CAT! I didn’t have one last year, I didn’t have one when I was eight and it consumed my life wishing for it! A cuddly sweet cat who makes me laugh and loves the stuffing out of me and my husband. And speaking of…

2. I have a husband!

A husband who is brilliant and sweet and kind and giving. A husband who lets me pursue my writing instead of bugging me to get a real job, though we could always use the cashola. A husband who reads my writing and has enough knowledge and smarts to critique it constructively, and a husband who believes in me and shares my faith. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of, and now we get to celebrate our second married Thanksgiving together!

3. I have a supportive family.

Family that loves us enough to pay for us to be with them on Thanksgiving, or pays for our flights to see them for Christmas, and that includes in-laws! Wervyn and I have such amazing families that are warm and welcoming and so much fun! I can’t believe I lucked out with such an amazing blood AND adopted family! They are all so excited to see my first book published! Which leads into…


I’d love for that to mean *this* happens soon!

Oh my gosh…I don’t think I have to even say a lot more, but oh my gosh. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, an agent actually was interested enough in my pitch that she asked to read my entire manuscript! Oh my gosh…

5. I’m so happy and grateful to be guided by such an amazing God that loves me and looks after me.

We’ve gone a whole year, and the biggest hospital bill so far was getting the cat fixed. I’m still getting used to living in a big city, and there have been some scary times, but I’ve felt very at peace that this is where I’m meant to be. We’re on a budget, but we have food and shelter and enough money for a few fun things on the side, including the writer’s conference where I met the agent who is reading my manuscript. ^_^ He’s carried me this far, I’m excited to see what’s in store in the new year!

6. And of course, last but not least, I’m thankful for all of you!

My readership! You’re so supportive of me, and I’m glad to know there are people out there reading who care about my writing endeavors! If it weren’t for you all, I’d be writing to myself, and it’s so much more fun to have an audience! Here’s to you!

So, everyone have a wonderful day full of tasties and love!

As a much wiser man (than the one at the beginning) once said, and who always tends to make me cry, “Thanks for our health, thanks for our hearth and the bounty that grows from the ground. With our loved ones near, we bless the year that’s brought us safely round.” – Tom Chapin


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