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Yaaaay I won!

I’ve been posting my victory all over Twitter, FB, G+ and Tumblr pages, and I just wanted to post something here.

I’ve tried doing National Novel Writing Month for years, but I’ve always been too busy and never got very far. Also, I wasn’t going in all the way. I wanted to continue work on my novels I’d already started, and just write all new stuff for it. But it just never worked somehow,

But this year, this year I decided I was tired of my old novels and decided to give my brain a break by writing anything I wanted. That was the magical decision, because even though the writing was uphill and I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to keep my resolve, did it! I finally did it and it feels amazing!

If you’ve got it in your head to do it, you should just do it. Commit to it and do it, especially if you think you have time and can make it happen. You may not have this much time ever again! At least, that was part of my reasoning, seeing as I’m living the dream right now ^_^

But yeah, *squee!* That is all.

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