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May Madness

I don’t know how May always becomes a month of crazy, no matter how many times I try to make it NOT crazy. I have such good intentions, but by the time I hit mid-May, I’m consistently neck deep in work!

It's gonna be May....wheeeee

But sarcastic JT aside, other than feeling stressed about it, everything that I’ve been doing the past month has been really awesome!

I’ve been juggling two part jobs, as well as a Paint Love project. And I’ve still been crocheting and doing some other art projects, particularly card and gift making (because TONS of family members and friends have anniversaries and birthdays in May, more than any other time of year). Oh, and MomoCon. Of course. I’ve been running their during-con social media for a few years now, but this year I’ve been promoted to Social Media Director, which brings on its own kind of challenges.

Being a con director is hard in general, but as a new one in a department that’s still figuring itself out, it’s crazy. I’m so glad I have such great friends and senior directors helping me out and encouraging me along the way! I’m very proud to say that I’ve done lots of Twitter and Facebook info posts scheduled to Hootsuite so I don’t have to do them during the con. It’s the first year I’ve actually been ahead of schedule on that, instead of playing catch up! I’ve been gathering volunteers up til the last minute, and learning how to schedule their work times during the weekend (due TODAY) and coordinating all that (which involves a lot of chatting, both via text, phone and Facebook), which is the newest thing on the pile of my May duties.

I’m also trying to finish a snazzy steampunk cosplay piece (pictures forthcoming), and I’ll see if I can get Wervyn to help me get the circuit work done before tomorrow. Yes, like an electrical circuit. (You’ll see!!! I HOPE!!!)

Also my laundry room build-back is mostly done (just need shelving put up and other little details), but it’s just the first and most complicated of a lot comparatively smaller house projects we’ve already begun, and intend to finish this year.

Work hard, faint hard bunny

Freaking May, man. I love having so many things to do that are great fun and fantastic learning and growing experiences, why you always gotta be so busy, May?

Writing work begins afresh in June, mark my words!

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