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May 2016 Fly-By Status Report – I GOT A REAL JOB!

Yes, you read that right: I GOT A REAL JOB!

The ultimate happy dance! | via GIPHY

It’s a part-time administrative and communication assistant job, which is only a few hours a week, and a few minutes away from my house (YAAAAAY), so hopefully that means I can structure my life around that to get some stability for my creative work! I start today, and I’m really excited to see how it goes!

Also, hi, I haven’t seen you since Easter! I’ve been super busy working, arting, volunteering, story researching…in fact, that’s why I decided to do tri-yearly status reports. I figure, if I haven’t blogged or vlogged in a while, I want to make myself do an update of some type in January, May and September, to talk about what I’ve been up to, and how it matches up with the my to-do list for the season, listed on my front page. If nothing else, it will help me track my productivity over the year.

Speaking of which, let’s look at my Spring Agenda 2016 plans from my home page. If it’s crossed out, it means it’s finished, or I’ve edited the original plan:

  • Doing some hardcore outlining and continuing to edit my YA fantasy novel Sign of the Sparrow (which might also include a title change) in preparation for an editor to look it over
  • Outlining the entire series that follows “Sign”
  • Hopefully, I’ll get my book to my editor by the end of spring/beginning of summer, and then after May, I’ll get back to editing, finish that up, send it to my editor, and then I’ll start working on my query letter for agent and publisher submissions
  • Finishing a crochet piece to wear at a friend’s Downton Abbey-era style wedding. Portfolio post here!
  • Entering my art into Esprit de Corps art show! Pictures added here and here!
  • Preparing for Attended some awesome new Paint Love events, including an art auction and a project involving world fairy tales and oil pastels!
  • Looking forward to working MomoCon Social Media again! ALL THE PREPARING!

Ouch, looks like my writing schedule has been bumped back again. I’m actually in the middle of doing some research on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to give myself ideas for world building as I outline my series. Hopefully this summer I’ll get more concrete outlining done on Book 1, as well as some actual writing done on it too! And then send it to my editor, write my query letter, send it out, etc, but that will all have to wait until this next draft is finished. I keep track of my outlining progress in the widget in the sidebar, if you’re curious.

Most of my energy lately has gone towards keeping our house in working order, including mold remediation and the subsequent putting-back-of-walls and other construction (which is thankfully almost done). I’ve also picked up some odd part-time temporary jobs, but that was all before I got my new job 😀 I also got glasses, so I’m getting used to be a four-eyed creature 😛 I’ve also been volunteering at church, and volunteering with Paint Love on an oil pastel collage mural project, which is still in the works, and attending and making a piece for their first art auction! But my biggest volunteer project in May is always MomoCon, which is only 16 days away, so I’m prepping for the social media posting stuff in advance, and keeping my crew in the know if anything changes. I got a promotion there, which means that I’m working a lot harder this year, but hopefully I’m working smarter as well.

Speaking of social media, I’ve been playing around with SnapChat and Periscope (“puelladocta” on both), as well as Gramblr, for mass scheduled Instagram uploads, and my new favorite social content management site, IFTTT, which will be automatically sharing this blog post all over my various feeds!

ALSO, I’ve been very busy in the art department, from entering small art shows, making birthday presents and cards, crocheting, illustrating and mixed media-ing, and even trying my hand at beading! I’ll be posting more pictures of artwork soon, but some things have to get to their long-term home first. They’ll all eventually be up on my Portfolio page. I’ve been very proud of my efforts, and I’m looking forward to future projects!

I’m not gonna lie, this is all overwhelming to look at in one fell swoop, and a little terrifying, with a side of adrenaline rush, but I’ll just keep working and praying, and telling myself that I’m awesome, and it will all get done! It has to.

I’ll be updating my Plots, Projects and Future Plans once MomoCon is over, and I have new adventures to focus on. Now, I need to get back to work! Have a great May, everyone!



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