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Exciting Updates!!!

I know I try to post only writing related news on here, but this is kind of a big deal! It’s a huge life changer!

Gentle audience, I had no idea that a few hours after my last blog entry, I would be getting engaged!!! And to think, last year I was writing haikus about my only date for Valentine’s Day being a box of chocolate! You never know what a year can bring!

The lad in question is Wervyn, who is the coding man for this site! He’s a wonderful, brilliant man and a fantastic writer, and he’s been helping me a lot with the final draft of my book. He has some of his own stuff in the works as well, and we hope to eventually take on some writing projects together!

Speaking of final draft of my book, I’ve finally broken through my rather pervasive editor’s block today by taking baby steps. I organized all the content into the order I want it in, and highlighted all the areas that still need more attention. This way I can come back whenever I feel like it and edit whenever I’m in the mood without feeling over-stressed! De-stressing is really key at this point, so I can edit quickly so I can pass it on to the (hopefully) last round of readers (including Wervyn) to get a final bit of perspective.

Life is getting busier, but I have every intention of keeping up with my writing goals! Wish me luck!

And in case you’re wondering, I’m leaving the Valentine’s Day theme up in honor of my new official status! <3

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