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A Writer’s Musical Toolbox

I’ve had music on the brain recently, so I decided to compile a short list of inspirational artists and songs I like to listen to while writing.

For a mellow mood: Enya, The Mediaeval Baebes, Loreena McKennitt or movie soundtracks.

For inspirational lyrics (and beautiful melodies): “Come Awake” by David Crowder, and anything by Nickel Creek or Josh Groban.

For emotion-driven writing: intense, yet primarily upbeat, rock, by the likes of Hoobastank, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and for something a bit more intense, I like me some Black Tide, Evanescence or Nightwish, among others. Also like “Build Me the Moon” by Charlotte Sometimes.

I’ve also been compiling a list of songs that remind me of characters or certain relationships in my story; a private story soundtrack, if you will.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. A writing playlist is all about personal taste, and can be as varied as musical genres get. I know mine is.