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Puelladocta & the Search for More Money

Alas, my dear readers, I regret to tell you that I am taking a novel writing hiatus, in favor of that most persistent of goals, The Search for More Money.

This phrase is so useful, Mel Brooks. Thank you!

Unfortunately, though I’ve been looking for consistent full-time and part-time employment in the graphic design field, I’ve been neglecting my design and programming skills, in favor of writing. Which seems counter-intuitive now that I think about it. That and my portfolio site needs a serious overhaul. Plus, I want to sharpen my dulled artistic strengths, and I have other interests I want to investigate, like technical and article writing. But to develop those things, I must take a break from The Great Distraction. I’m definitely not retiring any of my novels, just giving the world of Thoglan a nice, long sabbatical.

Just think of it as shifting my perspective and goals for the time being, to get better at telling stories in a different way. Even though I’m not actively creative writing hardcore, everything is connected! I’ve used my design skills to work on indie books by other authors, and if you’re curious, check out this page, which shows off my book design, and eventually will include other visual storytelling talents!

I still intend to blog and vlog, and I’m hoping to showcase a wider spectrum of my nerdy & geeky interests and talents, alongside the standard fare that you, my dear readers, have come to expect. I’d like to use this space to post occasional info about other cool things I’m working on, particularly if it relates to other forms of storytelling. Or just to show off something I’m selling on Zazzle or Etsy, and maybe even a giveaway or two! 😀

I’m hoping that in doing this, you’ll get better acquainted with my artsy side, better known online as Christina Wert/Sunlit Nook). I’ve made my twitter account a home for both sides, and that’s worked out beautifully. So I crave your patience and suggestions as I try to build something that’s easier for me to present my stories to the world, and hopefully less confusing.

Thanks for understanding, guys, and stay tuned! I’m posting a poem tomorrow for #WeeklyVenture Challenge, and I’m still guest-blogging with Sarah Shotts sometime soon (either spring or summer, whenever she has an opening!), so keep a weather eye out! I might be taking a break from novel writing, but not from creativity!

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