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January/February 2021 Fly-By Status Report – 2021 Vision

Well, looks like I totally blew past my Fall/Winter 2020 Status Report. I think because nothing really changed in the goal department for 6 months! What even did I want to do *consults last post*…OH YEAH apparently I got rid of my agenda thing cuz it was boring. Good idea. So here’s what I’ve been up to, and what I hope to achieve!

Japanese Shrinky Dink Conversation Hearts! Available on my Etsy shop!
  • The Etsy shop is doing pretty well! Still not making a ton, but I am making a little money from it, and I’m having fun, so that’s all that matters!
  • I’ve been doodling more with my Wacom tablet, and I designed the shrinky dink Japanese heart jewelry in the picture up there! I’m excited to grow that skill!
  • For my book, I’ve made it all the way to Chapter 10! Just trying to do a teeny bit of writing at least every day.
  • Work is good, still plodding along. I’m excited that I got to help out with the design of a Squarespace website!
  • Miniature work has taken a back seat to the Etsy shop, but I still try to post some photos on the Minlandia Instagram, and hopefully, when I have more space it will be easier to work on my big miniature projects (ooh, an oxymoron), which leads into…
  • WE’RE FINALLY CONVERTING THE SPARE HOUSE IN THE BACK TO A STUDIO! This means more space for working on my larger projects, and a spot to show off our collectibles! It’s an ongoing process to work on getting it ready for use, but at least we have a heater/AC window unit! This also means a lot of cleaning and organizing in there and around the house, so I’m probably going to take a musical instrument break while I do the bulk of that stuff. I’m planning to either make a blog or a video about the studio’s changes and updates.
  • I’m also planning to make more blogs/vlog posts this year about big craft projects I’m working on, so look forward to that! In fact, I’m planning to post another one today! So look forward to that!

Thanks for listening, anyone who still reads this! And even if no one else does, I’m glad I have a record of this for myself! ✍️

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