My hands, wearing bracelets and a thumb ring, crocheting teal yarn with a light wood hook.
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Temperature/Weather Tracker Tempestry Wall Hanging | Crochet Project

My hands, wearing bracelets and a thumb ring, crocheting teal yarn with a light wood hook.

I’ve been seeing the idea of creating temperature scarves or blankets for a long time, and, well, of course, I had to make one! The general idea is to assign a color yarn to a temperature range, and then add one line to a scarf (or a blanket) every day with the color that matches the average temperature. For this reason, I learned from a fellow fiber crafter friend they’re also called “tempestries,” for temperature + tapestry. They’re often knitted, according to what I’ve seen posted around (I’ve seen some cross stitch ones, very clever), but I decided to crochet because I wanted to use up crochet thread I had on hand, and using knitting needles that tiny while changing colors that often sounded like murder.

I decided to make mine for 2011, which was the year Wervyn & I got married, and I was able to gather the past meteorological data from Weather Underground. I also decided to include the weather for each day, which I had seen done in other projects to great effect.

Behold, a screencap of my color rubrics and everything ALLLLLL laid out

Years ago when I first got the idea, I laid everything out in Excel and then waited for the creative urge to strike. And when it finally did this past weekend, I picked the colors according to the crochet thread I had on hand (which is too much, hence why I wanted to use it up!). Then I grabbed a 3.5mm crochet hook and got to work! I’d done some tests and decided I wanted it to be 35 stitches thick. I liked the idea of hanging it up longways above a wide doorway, so that’s what I’m envisioning as I work.

As Evan & Katelyn say, “Fail Make Fail Make…”

I started by crocheting the weather colors with the temperature colors in single crochet, but it didn’t look as clean with crochet thread as I had seen in other examples, so I decided to just go with the temperature stripes, and then somehow add the precipitation colors later, either by weaving them in or by adding them as a fringe on the lower edge. I’ll have to try it out later once I make more progress.

I like how it’s shaping up! I’m doing half-double crochet stitches, and I like the loose feel. I’m planning to put it on a black background (either another crocheted piece in all black, or mount it on foam board) so it can stand out against any wall, and so I can include some key info on the back for posterity.

I plan to keep adding updates as I make significant progress, so keep checking back!

As of October 29, 2021 I’m all done! It a LOOONG BOI!

Just have to sew in the ends and thread in the rest of the weather colors for each day. (And then mount it and hang it, but one bit at a time!)

Though as of 2022, this is still taking a while, so hopefully I’ll finish it soon, but I’ll keep you posted! ✍️

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