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May 2017 Fly-By Status Report – Just Keep Swimming!

It’s time for another Fly-By Status report! And I’m up to my waist in MomoCon directing duties. But omg, we’re already a third into 2017! Dang, where does the time go? And I feel like I have very few brain cells to even process this blog post with everything going on right now.

Life keeps flowing along!

However, one of my part-time jobs just ended, so I have more time to do everything else I’ve been too busy to work on (in theory). SO, did I achieve my goals for the past 4 months?

Long Term

  • Doing some hardcore outlining and rewriting the style of my YA fantasy novel Sign of the Redwing in preparation for an editor to look it over agent hunting, –I’ve been editing, but I kept getting stuck around Chapter 3, so I realized I needed to break it down into smaller pieces. So I’ve been going over the original story draft and writing down all the major points I want to make sure I include in this next draft, and what I need to leave out. And because of crazy life stuff, this is still taking a while. Writing is hard, man–and ONLY THEN:
      • Outline the entire series that follows “Redwing”

    Started thinking about it and making plans!

      • Finish a new round of research and go through gathered notes for my series

    – I’ll put this on the back burner for now.

Short Term

    • Implement a new work/writing schedule

– I think I actually succeeded in putting together a schedule that works most of the time! Yay!

    • Get your house/health stuff back on track in the new year

– Eh, still working on that, but hey, it’s a process! And it’s included in the new schedule, so that should hopefully be something that continues to progress as well!

  • List some items in Etsy store in time for Valentine’s Day: Check it out!

– Not only did I post things on Etsy, I upped my #fafatl game by dropping lots of little heart magnets around Atlanta! It was a really fun project, and I enjoyed trying something new.

Once MomoCon is over in a few weeks, I’ll have some trips, as well as Camp Flix Photoshop stuff. And I might have some more vlog/blog posts in me if some of the events get particularly exciting!

So the next phase of the writing plan is to finish Draft 6 by fall, give it to friends to read, reach out to agents, and I even got a new NaNoWriMo idea, so I plan to do that this year! I’m glad to say that these four months have really prepared me for the next phase of my writing, and now that I know what I need to do, I’m even more excited!

I’ll be updating my front page with new events soon! So thanks for reading, guys, and I’ll see you in four months, if not sooner 😀

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