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I have all the strict ideas down on paper: the ones that have refused to leave my head while I wrote the other one. The rest won’t come, I don’t think, until I start writing in November. How terribly frustrating.

Sometimes you need to just write, the act of writing will somehow work everything out in the end. That alone can often do me more good than a planning session: things will fall out of the sky that I never suspected just because I am writing.

Alas, I must bide my time til Nov. 1. Well, at least I won’t have time to mope about Halloween ending!

{Edited 10/23/09} I just got a mass update email from NanoWriMo, and apparently I’m not the only one chomping at the bit! It’s kind of a relief, really, to know that many people across the world are having writing labor pains 😛