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From Twitter 10-14-2009 (Temporal Tues. meeting Prof. Wendell Howe)

  • 18:10:55: Oh wow. My brain has been to full to even think about #TemporalTues. Well, maybe just one….
  • 18:11:51: #TemporalTues Set date and time to make it to @Wendel_Howe’s birthday. I hope dress pants, long sleeve top and wrap sweater will fit fashion
  • 18:12:58: #TemporalTues Okay, maybe not birthday, but I’m not quite sure of the occasion. There’s his office! Lots of glass windows….
  • 18:16:11: #TemporalTues I hope they don’t have too many old janitor closets-turned offices! I need to get back in time for supper. Just a quick visit.
  • 18:16:40: #TemporalTues I ran into the janitor. He looked rather bored, but pointed me in the right direction.
  • 18:17:25: #TemporalTues Ah! People huddled around a tiny room, chatting with cups of tea in hand. Found it!
  • 18:18:24: #TemporalTues I’m actually giddy! I feel like I’m about to meet rock star!
  • 18:18:53: (wow, my grammar is awful right now. I must be really tired…)
  • 18:19:57: #TemporalTues Eeee! There he is at his desk. And he’s pouring the tea himself! What a gentleman! Squeezing through the crowd to get to him
  • 18:27:49: #TemporalTues OH MY GOSH! @Wendell_Howe is awesome! Seemed quite pleased I had joined him from the past. Had to add cream & sugar 2 my tea
  • 18:29:36: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe and I chatted for a while, mostly him telling me a/b future. I kept wondering if he was going to interview me…
  • 18:54:14: #TemporalTues That was AWESOME. I need to visit the future more often! Hope I’ll have a chance to chat with you more, @Wendell_Howe!
  • 18:57:14: @scablander HEE! Are you Prof. Howe’s alter-ego? Awesome! More than happy to oblige!
  • 18:59:23: #TemporalTues Highlights of convo w/ @Wendell_Howe. He told me people still listened to the Beatles & Tolkien was cannonized.
  • 19:00:37: #TemporalTues He also told me that no one remembered Twilight or Lady Gaga or Ugg Boots anymore. Just temporal anthropologists do.
  • 19:01:53: #TemporalTues But people still pilgrimage to visit big exhibits on Elvis and Michael Jackson, whose original homes are long gone.
  • 19:03:08: #TemporalTues I also had him do me a favor: send a friend of mine a letter from the future. That will blow my friend’s mind! ^_^ So much fun
  • 19:03:35: @Wendell_Howe Ah, yes, it did end up being your birthday. I wasn’t sure šŸ˜€
  • 19:08:30: Book Byte Blog: Chris Carlton Brown & book Hoppergrass
  • 19:18:27: @Wendell_Howe Well, it was at least a cozy number 12-15! I won’t tell anyone! ^_^
  • 21:39:33: #TemporalTuesday Took a quick jaunt back to @Wendell_Howe ‘s tea party. Very small group, black currant tea, scones, lovely conversation
  • 21:41:23: @puelladocta #TemporalTues Apparently overshot the tea party by a few months! >.< But two tea parties in one night, how lovely!

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  • Dr. Wendell Howe

    I say, it looks like I will have a bang up birthday party next year. There was tea, so it will have to be good, right? I'm so glad you could…erm, will come.

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