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Changes and Challenges

The land lies fallow in front of my new studio
The land lies fallow in front of my new studio.

Dear Readers,
I’m so sorry that my busy schedule has consumed my life and only allows me time for quick tweets and occasional Vines.

Those on social networks will already know exactly why. We bought a house! It’s beautiful and it even has a studio building in the back that we plan to use for storage and I’ll use it for a writing, artsy retreat once I get it inhabitable, but my life has now been consumed with all the logistical details of home ownership, leaving me very little mental energy for things oft thrown to the back burner (including fixing up the bugs on this site). I at least try to look at the edits on Prologue Book every day, but I feel like I can’t give it the times it deserves. I feel more like a mature adult than I ever have before.

Owning a house is like having a child, but you grow inside of it. You have lots of plans for it and spend all your money on it, but no matter what your plans are it will always throw you a curve ball. Yet it’s worth it. At least that’s what parents tell me. 😉

Needless to day, I’m not giving up on writing at all, in fact I find myself even more motivated to do it. But I’m looking forward to being settled again. Might take a while, but I intend to enjoy the ride 😀

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