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Crocheted Accessories for Radagast the Brown Costume | Original Design

I pretty much went crazy for Radagast in The Hobbit movies, and I figure it’s because he’s the kind of wizard I would be: scatterbrained, goofy, surrounded by clutter and animals, but with a heart as big as the Shire!

I started this costume this year, and wore it to Dragon Con earlier this month. Most of it is a closet costume, with pieces I bought on Amazon, but the hat, hair extensions, collar and gloves were crocheted or created by me. I looked at pictures on the Internet to figure out what the gloves and hat looked like, and as you would imagine, the hat was the hardest part to make. The hair extensions were finger-knitted and then braided into my hair.

I’m very proud of my hard work, and look forward to wearing this hat (at least) again and again!

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