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Garrison Keillor

It’s about time I started expanding my Book Byte entries to talking about writers and storytellers who spin tales in mediums other than just the printed word.

Garrison Keillor

Garrison KeillorAlthough Mr. Keillor has written some printed books, I think he’s best known for his radio show “A Prairie Home Companion” on PBS Radio. His tales of awkward, dysfunctional, humorous, and down-to-earth life in the made-up Midwestern town of Lake Wobegon have captured the hearts of anyone who has heard his show.

The movie “A Prairie Home Companion” (the last movie in the illustrious career of Robert Altman, one of my favorite directors) really captures the feel of Keillor’s stories, his radio show and the world he created. Keillor wrote the script for the movie, so he can add screenwriter to his many writing talents.

A friend pointed me to this documentary about him (below) you can view for free on, and I highly recommend it to you, gentle audience. It’s a great snapshot of a dearly beloved entertainer who has shaped the face of pop culture without being (much) in the Hollywood spotlight.

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