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Software of the Trade

Well, Mr. P. Phil, it’s flippin’ cold outside.

I hope the weather starts acting its season, or no amount of April Showers will bring May Flowers.

Cold weather just makes me want to go out LESS than I do anyway, but at least it’s sunny right now. Makes staying inside and writing more enticing, and since I finally had a breakthrough with my editor’s block, I no longer feel like my head will explode if I try to roll the plot around.

This is a good thing ^_^

Well, I’ve been getting the emails again! It must be almost Screnzy season!

Also, who is their designer? They rock!

I won’t be participating, but I wish bonne chance to all my fellow writers who are taking up the challenge!

And if you’re looking for good script writing software, may I highly recommend Celtx.

CELTX is a program I’ve used in college for screenwriting classes. It helps you outline scripts, and give you templates in the right format for movies, theatre and even comic scripts! It automatically helps you type up your script in the correct format you specify, and you can even create character profiles and post notes to help you keep your story on track. It even provides film producers with helpful organizational documents to help manage the shooting process.

And because it would keep everything organized, I’m going to list a few other programs I use/have used in the past to help me with my writing.

MICROSOFT WORD. It might sound like a cop-out, but it’s really not. I’ve used Word since 1993, and it’s gotten better and better, adding new and helpful features for authors, including the Review features where you can add comments to the text of your writing document. It’s a fantastic word processor, easy to use and it’s got everything I need.


EVERNOTE. I’ve already sung the praises of Evernote in one of my vlogs, but seriously, it’s a dream come true. You can use it to organize anything, not just writing notes, but it’s just the perfect way to record, clip images from the internet, take pictures and type up notes and bits of inspiration that might otherwise get lost to the Tubes or misplaced on paper in your room. It’s been a lifesaver for me, and it can be the same for you! *cheesy salesperson grin*


THINK. This is a great program for helping you get away from all the clutter of your computer, and gives you a nice warm, dark (or any color you prefer) writing corner. You can choose what program you want to focus on in the handy toolbar, and it brings the page up isolated on a background so you can focus on it and not get distracted by other programs that are open. It’s very convenient and I highly recommend it.


OMMWRITER. This is a very creative little bit of software that creates a soft, gentle, blank canvas world for you to imagine and write in and be inspired. You can pick a background, your typing noise, your music (or no music) and your font from their list, and then just let your imagination go. I like to write in Ommwriter when I’m starting something new and I’m feeling out a story or character. It’s very lovely and relaxing, and cuts down on the pressure.

And if you’re looking for even more options, this article was pretty informative!

Happy writing!

And hopefully I’ll be announcing the finished as-of-now final draft of my novel soon!

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