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Joyeux Noël 2010!

I know I’ve been scarce, so I’m considering calling another hiatus, but instead I’d rather say: “It’s the holidays! Chill!” ^_^

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! Whatever you celebrate, hope you have fun and enjoy yourself today!

With rumors of snow flying in the next few days, sounds like we’ll have a white Christmas after all! Even though I haven’t been writing much at all I’ve had a wonderful time with family and friends, and that counts for a lot. I have some plans and some New Years writing resolutions, so it will be forthcoming!

Random Tolkien nerd moment that I think everyone can appreciate:

According to the Lord of the Rings timeline of the Fellowship’s journey, today (December 25th) the Nine left Rivendell as a complete fellowship to start their journey to Mordor. A lot of significant LOTR events happen on big Western holidays, actually, so it’s hard to make LOTR holidays without overlapping with something else big (other than Hobbit Day in the summer).

Anyway, my family is sorta waiting for me to finish this blog, so I must run! Good Yule and all that, and God bless us everyone! 😀

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