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Halloween Approacheth! And HIATUS!

“And a ship, a black freighter with the skull on its masthead…”

Hallo, all! It’s already the second week of October, and already the air is filled with ghost stories and candy bowls are filled with candy!

And my life is full of events and busy things which are really dragging on my ability to write good posts, so I’m definitely thinking a hiatus is in order. I’m planning at least one vlog, so I won’t be totally silent, but no blog entries until closer to Halloween. Thanks for understanding, guys.

I love autumn, and I’ve been collecting–at my own mental peril–crazy murder & mayhem stories and ghost stories about the little town I live in by attending a few tours. Among many things, I’ve learned that in the 17- and 1800s when they wanted to transport important people’s dead bodies back to England/America from a remote war zone, they would often store the bodies on ship in a barrel of rum or some kind of alcohol. They did this for Lord Horatio Nelson. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess? And I have learned there is a negatively haunted house on my downtown’s infamous 3rd Avenue, which already seems to have an attraction for the crazy, the shady (you know, like a ghost. A “shade?”), and general afterlife hanging out. For someone who doesn’t like grizzly things and never wants to see a real ghost, I certainly like learning about them. It’s a weird paradox. *shudders* Great story fodder, but at what price, I ask. AT WHAT PRICE???


*Psycho soundtrack music*

Anyway, I’ve been editing a little of my book, but there is so much work and play going on in October that more often than not I’m exhausted and trying to fend off illness! It will get done, and besides, the book is pretty much done anyway, I’m just perfecting. *twitch*

So yes, I’m off to get some soup, but before I go, I wanted to share with you 1) the coolest picture I’ve seen in a long time, and 2) leave you with an interesting thought.



See you sparsely, guys, and don’t squash your creative spirit!

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