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The Far Side of the World

I knew I would collect some exciting writing fodder on my far-off trip to South Africa (yes! That’s where I went!), and I did!

The Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean

Not only did I get a taste of a different country and different culture, but I had a surfing lesson, did other daring things like jump 14 feet into a pool below, ride in the open back of a pickup truck, and went on a safari drive where I saw many animals I had only seen in zoos, like giraffes and tigers, as well as a gentle, kingly white lion (we dubbed “Aslan”) and four 22-day-old lion cubs!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times again, *grabs your shirt collar* GO TRAVEL! Try new things, seek out new experiences and new places! Your writing will thank you!

As for setting aside my computer and editing the story on paper, my brain and my ball point pen were my best friends, and it went better than I had hoped!

Old school is the best school ;)
Old school is the best school 😉

Getting away from my normal life, my mind became so clear and my vision grew sharp. I rewrote scenes, made notes and edited, and now that I am back at my computer, it’s gelling together even more! I have such a clear idea of my character’s movements and what their reactions should be in certain situations. I got so much done during the long flights and the quiet nights sitting at the table. There isn’t much left now. At this rate, if I type up a bit every day, I’ll be ready for getting the manuscript out to editor friends once I write the new scenes! *crosses fingers*