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Goings and Goals

In a few days I’m going off on a trip to attend a family vacation/wedding, so I shall be taking a three-week hiatus from blogging. I will likely give a bit of perspective on my trip upon my return, as I foresee reaping some wonderful writing ideas.

While I’m gone for my extended time, I plan to do as much editing and writing as I can. As I won’t be attached at the hip to my laptop, I plan to print the offending pages out, so when I am away from the computer I can have something to work on. I’m about halfway+ through the manuscript now as it stands, until I get to a point where I’m writing new material.

Some people are wondering if this is the same novel I was working on last year, or a new one. It’s the same novel. As I’ve mentioned here before, I got back some amazing critiques winter 2009 which inspired me to make the story even better, and I am pleased to say that the edits are constructive, improving the plot and the pacing immensely, instead of just reworking for the sake of perfectionism.

I still am not sure when I will be finally done with this manuscript (I’ve been “done” with it on and off for years), but I would love to send it out this coming January when printers are putting out their feelers for new material. That’s my goal, have it done and get it edited with enough time to make changes so I can have a manuscript ready by January 2011.

See you all when I get back!

PS: Script Frenzy MAJOR fail *ashamed* Maybe another year…