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In My Own Little Corner

I just realized. It’s the last day of January. I can hardly believe the year is 1/12th over!

This is my view from the screened in porch today.
The ground is covered in snow with a sheet of thin ice over top. It’s funny to watch the dogs walk on top of the snow, and if they step too hard, they suddenly sink in with a jerk. When they chase each other across the yard they kick up chunks of icy snow.

Oh, yes. In case you didn’t catch that, I’m on the screened in porch.

With snow outside.

Don’t worry, I’m wearing a down jacket, boots, and a fuzzy hat, and I’m quite warm. No gloves though. Easier to type without them. If my hands get cold I slip them under the laptop where it’s warm. The cushy sofa is comfy, and the bird songs sound especially sweet in the clear air.

I’ve been wanting to come out on the porch and write since the snow started falling a few days ago. Now that it’s sunny, I decided that today was the day.

It’s so beautiful and quiet. When I exhale, my breath comes out in filmly white puffs. In the forest beyond the fence, a bluebird just glided through the air and into the deep brown tangle.

The tree in the right hand side of the picture is where the birds love to land. Earlier there was a dove in the tree. The same tree has staged perfect photo ops (which I never can catch) of a vibrant red cardinal against the stark white snow. Didn’t get my camera fast enough! I’m hoping a deer will peek out of the forest so I can see it against the snow.

Listening to some music from my writing playlist right now. Have lots of editing to do on one chapter that is giving me some trouble.

*happy sigh* Initialized Happy Mode.

Well, been writing this entry back and forth as I’ve been enjoying my surroundings, and my computer battery is gonna run out soon. When it does, I’m headed back in for a cup of cocoa ^_^ It was good while it lasted!