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The Fantastic Tom Siddel (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Webcomics count as books! Oh, do they ever! That is, if they’re good and seem more like a mini series than a bunch of random strips. One of my favorites is a gem of visual storytelling in both art and writing: the incredible tale of Gunnerkrigg Court but Tom Siddel.

Within the first week of my attendance [at Gunnerkrigg Court], I began noticing a number of strange occurrences. The most prevalent of these oddities being the fact that I seemed to have obtained a second shadow…

It tells the story of Antimony Carver, and her journey to discover the mysteries of her sprawling, industrial school–Gunnerkrigg Court–which is so much more than just a school.

It’s addictive to read. I can hardly wait for updates! Three times a week never seems enough! The art is amazing, and the writing is such a skilled mix of dramatic and comedic: it’s one of the finest one I’ve ever read. Even the filler is fun, and it lets you learn more about the characters!

One thing I always enjoy about webcomics is that you can see the artist’s skill improve and change over time. It adds a lot of insight for other artists.

I stopped reading webcomics because I had no time anymore, but this is the one that brought me back. As with all good books, just must start at the beginning, but it’s an absolutely must-read!

So, go read it! Reynardine commands it!

To hear Tom answer questions about Gunnerkrigg, check out this link:

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