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A Little Bit of Everything

Oh man, I’ve been meaning to post this entry last month! I’ve been thinking about/doing a lot of things lately, so I hope you’ll forgive the discombobulatedness of this entry!

Blogging really is my favorite way to keep the writing alive when I’m not actually “writing,” but doing more “editing.” It makes me feel more productive when I have something published on my blog, or when I’m making plans for it ^_^ My story has been keeping me busy, but lately I’ve been doing much more job hunting, so I’ve made less time for it than I’d like.

Speaking of blogging, one of my writer friends, Morgan Riley, mentioned to me that blogging is like writing a series of essays about things that tickle your fancy or make you think. My entries tend to be more like status updates lately, but I was inspired by his assessment. Eventually I hope to write more essayish posts, sort of like I used to, where I talked about my experience as a writer. I need to read more author blogs…

If anything, right now I’ve been thinking over little things I’ve learned over the years about writing that keep me in good stead. For example, the biggest one for me has been: gather nuts. You know, like squirrels do, only figuratively.

squirrel with a mouthful of nuts

Basically, I try to keep a notebook or a way of taking notes with me at all times. I never know when I’ll see a cool shirt, or a restaurant name, or see or smell or taste or experience something that strikes a creative chord and I just HAVE to write it down. You never know what you’ll run into, and those little ideas can really inspire you and add spice to your writing.

The other one I can readily think of is to try lots of different writing methods until you find a groove that fits you. That’s how the wall o’Post-Its came to be! And when I read about other authors’ journies, you can see that different stories will take you down different revision paths.

I’ve run into some really cool blogs that talk about inspiration and innovation. They really made me think:

Tyler Durden Innovation
How Tyler Durden’s words of wisdom from the movie “Fight Club” impressively apply to the real world.

Advice to Writers.
~ This whole site is amazing. Quotes upon quotes of priceless words, dripping from the mouths of experienced writers!

Fight For Your Ideas.
This is an amazing story of fighting for the creative projects you take on; protecting them like a mother in the wild protects her young. It’s very powerful.

Also, in what is a shameless plug, I made a button you can buy and support my writing efforts. If you like what you’ve read here on my blog, it would be a great encouragement if you bought one, but again, no pressure. I don’t know if I’ve put up enough information to really bring in a crowd of admirers, but I figure it’s worth a try:

The Tale Begins Button button
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There! *collapses*

Hope you enjoyed my entry! I’m exhausted! Let’s hope my next entry is less all over the place! >.<