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Who doesn’t love a good Renaissance fair?*

*quote from one of my dear editor friends!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, all! I’m not exactly back, but there have been a few new developments on the writing front.

First off, I’ve halted work for National Novel Writing Month and started a very basic outline of a web comic project, which sadly was going at a snail’s pace mostly because of my lack of fresh inspiration. I hope to finish sometime in the future, except I just got all the edits back I had handed out for Book 1.

Which is the second thing. I’ve started to do a number of story-enriching edits, and oh, my word! It felt like I was reaching out, grasping for idea cherries for the others, and when I started editing, suddenly a watermelon fell on my head! The ideas are coming so fast I can hardly believe it! Nervous but excited!

There might be a few little Book Bytes and some random posts coming up, but for the most part I’ll be writing my way into Christmas! See you later!