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Author Unplugged: Appeasing the Inner Nerd

You know what’s kind of ridiculous? I just realized that some of the BEST NEWS about my manuscript all year was the focus of my first blog in 2011! It’s already shaping up to be a good year!

Editing is going well, but slower than I’d like. I’m at an interesting juncture where I’m trying to integrate some worthy opinions from some trusted editors, and need to figure out if I should go with their ideas or keep things the way they are. Ultimately I need to find an agent, and they’ll help me with that too, but just trying to make the outgoing manuscript the best that it can be. So yeah, that’s coming along.

Also, just wanted to tell you that I’ve started another little project! It’s a podcast of my very own, which I am calling “Author Unplugged.”

Please check it out at, and I intend to get an iTunes feed of it too, so I’ll tell you when that happens. My first post there will explain a bit of my intent:

Thanks for listening, guys! Now then, I have some laundry that needs drying…



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