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Obligatory Valentine’s Day Entry { a series of haikus }

Of all the Walgreens
In all the towns in the world,
It had to be mine.

My plans were simple.
Some milk, maybe some crackers,
Box of cereal.

I knew I shouldn’t,
And yet I found myself there,
Red, pink and white aisle.

Everywhere: all ’round:
I could not escape my fate.
And then there he was.

His face was shapely,
His coloring was ruddy.
I felt a tremor.

Irish! And so sweet!
I picked it right off the shelf.
Cuz I love truffles.

Baileys Irish Cream truffles

I must be crazy:
I buy my own candy and
I still love V-day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! If you have someone, enjoy them today, and make sure to treat them this way all year long! If you don’t, buy yourself something nice, and make sure to treat yourself well all year long too!


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