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The Great Struggle

“It is of the utmost that I speak to you about a great struggle, which is taking place [at] this mortal temple we call the [writer’s desk]. The contestants are those aged combatants…art…and commerce. And art, it would appear from the [lack of income]…is in its usual position of jeopardy.” – edited quote from Nicholas Nickleby movie.

Since I am, sadly, not a full-time writer, the great quest (as Mel Brooks put it), The Search for More Money, takes precedence over any deadline I might have set for myself.

I am so close to the end that I can see the finish line, but I have realized that setting a countdown clock for myself at this juncture–though useful–is also very cruel, when I can in no way devote as much time to writing as I would like, nay, as much as it deserves. I put enough pressure on myself as it is.

So, I’ll be taking the counter down in the sidebar. I will keep striving to finish as soon as possible, and if not sooner, I shall be satisfied if I complete this draft by sometime in September, which was the original goal.

Therefore, excusez-moi.

Exeunt, chased by a bear.