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Well guys, I’m taking a vacation from this blog, my vlogs and all other updateables. That’s right! I’ve taken hiatuses before, but this is a vacation. I have way too much going on in my life to focus on, and just thinking about what to vlog or post next is something I don’t need looming over me, even though I do enjoy it. I’m even having a hard time getting my writing to talk to me, so I feel that I should give the muse a break as well. I think it will be healthy! If something happens with the book, though, I’ll definitely keep you updated, but updated for updating’s sake is out. But I won’t exclude myself from FB and Twitter. I update them sparingly as is, but I want that option open if I absolutely MUST gush about something that inspired me.

So, ta ta for now! Oh, I’ll be back, but not sure when. I’m getting married in November, and everything is leading up to that, and then after that is Thanksgiving and Christmas…oh dear. But one thing’s for sure, my heart isn’t in it, and no time to focus means that I should just let it go for a while. I just feel so…thin. Like butter scraped over too much bread, as it were. And I need a holiday, a very long holiday. With maybe writing peppered in, but as a joy, not a duty.

*waves* Til we meet again!

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