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My real garden with imaginary toads

*waves* Hey, guys.

Don’t worry about the Twitter thing, it will all get worked out, and if not, I’ll figure something out. But I’m not stressed about it. In fact, right now I am just so happy that I’ve had enough energy to write a little bit of my book every single day! And now that it’s the weekend I can really gain some ground!

I am on Chapter 15 now, which I’m quite excited about. I know I say this, but I really feel like the end is in sight. I am writing through everything, not pruning as much as I am trimming here and there so it is all at least coherent throughout, and then once it’s all done I’ll read through (and maybe gather some willing guinea pigs who can read it and give me feedback).

It feels so far away, and yet so attainable at the same time. I’m aiming to finish this current draft by September (no date in particular), and that only leaves…less than two months. Hmm. Well, it’s a goal, and I am writing a lot, so until I don’t, I plan to achieve it!

The weather is perfect to sit out on the porch and write. It’s heaven. I just wish I wasn’t so groggy from a long day of work. But somehow I’m awake enough to write. How does that work?

^_^ Til again, me hearties.