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Dragon*Con 2015 Vlog (and Crochet Cosplay Portfolio Highlights)

Well, I finally edited my Dragon*Con vlog all together. Dang, it’s long! I had such a great time, of course at the Tolkien track, as well as hanging out in the smaller event rooms, like Puppetry and Writing. So check out the video for a much more detailed look at my Dragon*Con last year!

(BTW, this blog entry is back-dated because I edited it all together at the end of last year, and made it public yesterday. Oops :P)

Also wanted to link to some stuff in my portfolio that debuted a Dragon*Con:

Finny wearing her Bat Girl costume at DragonCon 2015
Finny’s crocheted Bat Girl Yvonne Craig costume
Me channeling the River within
Comissioned River Tam crocheted vest

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