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Curly Vine Pumpkin Garland (FREE Crochet Pattern!)


WHOA, guys, it’s my first crochet pattern! And here’s its Ravelry page! I made this pumpkin garland to hang up in my house during autumn. It’s pretty long (~110 inches), made to fit into a certain location, but you can make it shorter with less pumpkins. I’ll mention how to do that when it comes up in the pattern.

Stitch Key

  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • ch – Chain stitch
  • sc – Single crochet
  • dc – Double crochet
  • hd – Half Double crochet
  • tc – Triple crochet


  • Hook, size H/8 (5.00 mm)
  • Orange yarn to go with the hook size
  • Brown yarn to go with the hook size
  • Steel Hook, size 3 (2.10 mm)
  • Green crochet thread, size 10

For Chain

Chain 360 (20 ch [for end loop] + 20 ch x 16 + 20 ch [for end loop]).

Make a hanging loop on either side by counting 10 stitches from each end, and sewing the tail into the 10th stitch from the end, weaving the tail in to secure it.

You’ll be placing the pumpkins every 20th chain stitch, but at each end of the giant chain, you’ll place a pumpkin 10 stitches from the end of the hanging loops. To help you keep track, use a stitch marker (or a paper clip, like I did when I couldn’t find my stitch markers) to mark them out. 

If you want to easily modify this pattern to make it shorter, omit a group(s) of 20 chains until it’s the length you desire. If you wanted to make it longer, add another group of 20 chains.

A photo posted by Call me Christina (@puelladocta) on Sep 9, 2016 at 10:07pm PDT

For Pumpkins

Chain 6, sl st into the opposite end.

Turn, Make 8 sc into the loop.

Turn, chain 3, *2 dc into the first stitch, 3 tc into the next stitch, 2 dc into the next stitch*, 1 hdc in the next two stitches, repeat between ** once more to the end of the loop. 3 sc into the loop. Sc into the dc on the other side. Cut off a long tail and knot it through the remaining opening. Repeat for 17 pumpkins. 

Weave in all tails on the pumpkins, except one. Use that one to attach each pumpkin to the spot on the chain you’ve marked.



Chain 50, turn and sc 50 back the other way. The strip will curl by itself, and twisting it will help it curl more. Cut off tails and knot it through the remaining opening. Be careful to sew the ends into the first 5 stitches from the end, because if you sew in further, the vine will stiffen and won’t curl as much.

Thread the vine through the large hole in the pumpkin and tie it around the brown chain.


Thanks for checking out my first pattern, guys! I hope it was fun and not too hard to understand, but if it was, please let me know so I can fix it! If you try the pattern, leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear how it went! Happy Crocheting!

—–EDITED 9/6/18—–

YAY! Someone tried it out on Ravelry!

Screenshot of the Ravelry page of someone making my pattern
I’m so pleased! It looks great!


  • Janet

    Hi Christina, I was looking for a cute, simple, and quick pumpkin pattern to make a garland for my mantle when I found yours. I love it! The pumpkins were super easy to make and even cuter than your pics (which are pretty darn cute already). Thank you for the free share, I always appreciate when artists are kind and share their creations for all of us to recreate. Thank you for your generosity.

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