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A Good Nightmare Always Begins in a Dark Cellar with a Coffin

Sleepy writer

The pirate video ate up so much time that I’m finally getting back to editing Draft 3! I just felt like writing a real entry, since all I’ve done the last two weeks was tweet, make promises, break them, and eventually upload a pirate movie 😉 I have plans for other entries, but this one is getting back to the basics, where I actually write about writing.

It’s been hard the last few weeks to get writing in, between visiting friends and work, so tonight I’ve started to be a bit smarter with my time.

In addition to editing, I’m taking notes. Why? I live in mortal dread of continuity errors, so I’m writing down details I think will be important to remember in case they need referencing in the next book. Some things are obvious and ingrained, so I don’t write those down, but others less-so. Like, what is the correct way to refer to someone from X country? Are they X-ish or X-ian? And if both, when are they used? Or what are all the things my main character receives throughout the story, like clothes, trinkets or books, that she’d bring with her into the next installment of her story? What do I want to bring back later? Stuff like that. I’ve heard of authors doing this before, but I’ve never actually thought I had to do it, mostly because I have been able to hold everything in my head. However, now that I’m finally expanding past Book 1, I’ve got to make sure I have my ducks in a row, and give my poor brain a break.

In each job I’ve had, my relationship to my writing has been different. During this job, I must say, it’s more quality over quantity. I edit, take notes of the stuff I absolutely need to know, and that bit of writing lipo helps a LOT more than sitting and typing for hours a day.

The weather has been marvelously cool, and my house smells of spiced candles. To get in the Halloweeny spirit I’m listening to my holiday playlist (which is where the blog title comes from) and watching goofy funny horror as I make dinner. Then back to the writing. Hope you other writers get some in tonight too.