Blog,  Writing Progress


I’ve been blessed with a window of time to blog today! Yay!
I haven’t been posting because things are pretty much progressing about the same. Still writing away when I have free time, mostly on the weekends, but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I did this huge organization thing where I took all my digital notes (I have so many more written on paper! *faints*) and organized them to see what spots I still had to fill in. This helped immensely, so now I know where I stand and what I still need to cover. And I’ve been getting an overflow of ideas expounding on already-formed ideas, which are a huge welcome edition, and I am more pleased than I can say, without dissolving into a capslock/random key-smacking flail-frenzy of joy ^_^

That’s where I am, still working through the intricacies of it all. But Draft 2 is on its way to completion, slowly and surely!

Also, on a webgeekery note, I made some link buttons and posted them on this blog’s home website, Tales of Thoglan, which connects you to my facebook, twitter and myspace.

Oh, and I definitely have a lot more definition for the character I was having issues with. Major w00t! The clouds will always part, thank God.