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Camp NaNoWriMo 2018!


I always think about it every year, but haven’t done much NaNoWriMo of any kind recently, until a few days ago, a good writer friend of mine said she was wondering if I’d be doing Camp this year, because she was eager for an accountability partner.

And I originally said no, until remembered that I haven’t gotten NEARLY as much writing done as I’d hoped to, because of work, and MomoCon prep and more work (I swear, I have the worst memory of how much time all this stuff takes). And because of this I’ve had a spike in situational depression because by the time my work day was over I had no more energy for anything else, even my favorite things, because they would feel too hard. And I watch a lot of Youtube videos and try to not feel bad for not exercising, or writing.

So I figured, sure! Why not, I always need more incentives that work!

SO I’ve started up a 30-minute-a-day goal for myself to write up a bunch of short stories, and vignettes I keep thinking about from Book 2 that I haven’t gotten around to writing. And, I’ve only got 19 minutes in, but I’m optimistic! *marches off and starts whistling camp songs.*

Track my progress here!


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