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Writer’s Conference Starts Tomorrow! {Thoughts}

Hey guys! I know you just heard from me yesterday, (Happy November, by the way) but this weekend is the big writing conference I told you about a few months ago, and it starts tomorrow!

Lottie (from The Princess and the Frog) is really excited

Not gonna lie, I’m nervous but excited! I have never been to a straight up writer’s conference, not to mention that I might not even see anyone I know there (except possibly Josh Roseman, who I haven’t seen since MomoCon ^_^) I need to keep the worried thoughts out of my head; that people won’t appreciate my writing, that I’ll come off as a newb…in a bad way, that I’ll ruin my pitch or that the guy critiquing my first chapter will tell me that I need to scrap it and start again…

But I’m not gonna let these thoughts consume me, as much as I possibly can! Your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated!

Planning to do a vlog about what happens at the conference, which should show up some time after this coming Monday.

Well, I’d better go over the prep email again to make sure I haven’t missed anything!

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