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EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS! I got a real job! One with a regular paycheck and benefits! So my search for more money has finally come to an end! That can only mean more writing time when I’m not working, which can only be a good thing!

I’m making plans for a little poetry/short story book that I will also illustrate. I was thinking of self-publishing, but I wish the self-publish stigma wasn’t so intense. I’ll figure it out, but the novel comes first right now anyway. Editing progress is going slower than I would like with all the jet-lag recovery and job hooplah, but I am still trying to get it sent to editor friends and re-edited by January so I can send it out, so the process is going!

ALSO! (exciting exciting), my friend Diane will be interviewing me about the novel I’ve been slaving away on, so I can use it for promo purposes and other cool things should I so choose. I’ve never been interviewed about my writing before, so of course I was absolutely flattered when she asked me! The interview will happen later in the week before I start my new job. I’ll be posting it here when we’ve got it all down.

As for the weekend, I will be celebrating my job victory with a jaunt to a Renaissance faire with a bunch of friends! Slainte! See you in a few weeks after I get set up at my new job!