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Pilgrim, How You’ve Journeyed

Okee, guys, I’ve been working on a project, which I’ve mentioned in Twitter and Facebook, but I want to make it official by mentioning it here, now.

I’m planning on moving the blog to an official site.


At my job, I’ve been learning all kinds of new website building platforms and content management systems, and one of them is WordPress. In an effort to design a snazzier site than the Thoglan page, and so I can have all of my original work on my own piece of server that I actually OWN, I’ll be cleaning house here on Blogger and moving everything over. So far, I’ve already moved the tweet feed page and most of these entries, and I’m trying to make sure that everything transfers well and cleanly before I just start deleting entries here like a mad woman 😛

But I plan to keep this site with links leading you to the new location. I never like it when people straight up delete a website and leave no forwarding address.

The site is still in development, but it will be at this link:

Thanks, guys! I have more blogs coming, and trust me, I’ll let you know once I’ve officially moved!