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2009 Year in Review

A new decade. Funny how those things creep up on you. This time last decade I was barely out of middle school. The dream of becoming an author was a warm flicker in my heart, and I’m not sure if I’d thought up my novel at that point yet. But in the subsequent ten years, I have carried that novel series with me, through the highs and lows of school life, and after college graduation I set out for the trip of a lifetime: the journey to authorhood.

I’ve grown. So has my novel and its series, and we’ll continue to.

So many wonderful things have happened in 2009, including starting this blog and my Twitter, finishing Draft 1 and really beginning to get established with my own life. I plan to spend some time with friends and family on New Years Eve, and in the days after I prepare to go back to the “real” world, but it’s been a long, wonderful vacation. Who knows how many more I’ll have like this?

In 2010, well, who knows? As I stand by the window in the cozy cottage of my mind, I see the year laid before me like a great valley, taking it all in with one sweep of my gaze. The world is always changing, but it feels like it’s been changing a lot more this year than ever. Reality tends to determine what happens creatively, whether it inspires you with subject matter, or just limits the time you have for your own projects. I have a few resolutions, sure, like finish Draft 2 and complete the job quest, but I can’t help but wonder. Will I make solid contacts in the publishing industry that will help me get somewhere? Will I be able to write some short stories in between big novel writer’s block? Will I move up to doing a blog a day?

I’ll have to really work for that last one. ^_^

Happy 2010, everyone!