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Still Here, I Promise!

Twitter has eaten my proper blogging again!

Writing Process Update: I’m onto Chapter 24!!!! The best part is, I forsee Ch. 25 being the last one in the book, so I am VERY close to being done!

Things of Note:
I’ve been doing a lot of web-wandering for writerly resources, and I found an awesome listing of 101 Best Websites for Writers from Writer’s Digest Magazine. This list is amazing, and it covers everything from databases of publishers, to sites that tell you about publishing scams, to little ways to spark your muse! Definitely worth checking out!

And for all of you who have been wanting to start a blog, but need that extra push (or want some encouragement in writing the one you already have), check out David Hunter’s Importance of Being Bloggish. Plus he has a neat blog, so check it out anyway ^_^

I’m doing some freelance work to bring in the bacon at the moment, and writing Ch. 23 kind of wore me out (I finished it in one day!), so I am taking to Ch. 24 slowly. I really will get the initial draft done by the end of September at this rate!